How to start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide (Part-1)

Do you wanna start a blog, then you came for a right place. I will be able to guide you on every step to start out a blog and earn a lump sum from blogging.

As this post ‘how to begin a blog’ is just too long, I have made this as part 1, part 2 & part3. So you will get a detailed information from prime to bottom steps in blogging,  beginning a blog and running it successfully!

Everyone probing for begin a blog however they don’t realize a correct steering .As such a lot of blogging tutorial offered on net, is it that much useful for you in each and every step? If your answer is NO, then you don’t worry. Simply follow these below steps, its clear cutter.

As very first thing, what you think that is naming a blog .Before that, I will clear you one issue.
In what manner you would like to try and do blogging. Is it free blogging platform or Paid Platform? You ought to decide it initially.

If you gonna willing to earn some dollars, you ought to like for Paid platform. It is a healthier choice.

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What is blogging?


Blogging is an open platform where every individual or group of writers can share their own ideas, interests frequently. Blog is similar to website, but it is not exactly as website. In website your niche will be constant describing about your company or product. But in blog, your niche will update frequently as once in a week/daily basis.

Interms of  Wikipedia,


Why you need your own blog?


As I have mentioned earlier that you should first decide whether you are using as free or you own a hosting separately. If you choosen free platform ,you can try Wordpress ,Blogspot ,etc…

But this won’t look professional and you can’t earn money from blogging that much easily.

So go for paid one. It won’t you cost that much high, you can host it from your monthly pocket money.

So now, I am explaining clearly about how to  start a blog, how to approach for  web hosting and where you can buy, as step by step process…

Choosing a site name

First step, once you begin, you should think about your Blog name/Domain name. It should be unique and short.

What is Domain Name ?


Domain name is a unique name given to your websites. It has been formed under some specific standards of DNS(Domain Name System). We don’t need to go much deeper on it. It’s simply a name specifying in URL .

For example :

Here digitalniyana is a domain name.

Domain names have extensions of .com, .in,  .online,  .org,  .photography, etc..
Based on the business structure we should choose one which will suits for us.



According to me, some suggestions for choosing the domain name:

  • • Domain name should be short.
  • • It should have meaningful words relating to your business
  • • Domain name should be a keyword specific factor (Eg: If your business related to digital marketing, you should have a domain name specifying       the word ’digital’.)
  • • Domain name shouldn’t have any underscores or special characters in it.
Check Your doamin name is availabe right now by below:

Choosing the best  hosting for your blog


What is hosting?

Hosting is the web service that makes your site to visible on worldwide. . In straightforward terms, hosting service supplier can contain all of your web site files/folders in a web server.

So now you can understand what is hosting.  Selecting the most effective hosting supplier can keep your website/blog in sensible reach to client.

You can purchase a hosting at low cost in online – click here

According to me some of the suggestions to choose hosting:

  • • Check out the type of server they provide
  • • Check out for technical support given by them @ 24/7
  • • Security Features
  • • Load Balancing Techniques
  • • Backup Support


Bluehost is authoritatively suggested by as the favored web facilitating for webpage proprietors to utilize.

Choosing the correct topic for your blog


Now domain & hosting part has been ended, and we have to concentrate on choosing the right topic for your blog.

You should choose the topic on which you know very well about it.

For Example: If you have good knowledge on books, you can start a topic related to books.


If you own a pet shop, write blogs relating to pets or pet foods. So you can get more customers to your shop too. And it is very easy to collect photos and information.

Before writing posts related to your topic, ask some of the questions to yourself of what you know about the topic? And how much knowledge you have on that. Writing up fake information will lead, no traffic for your site .So be careful on what you write!

Better choose topics related what you are very familiar or your current job role.


In the event that you don’t discover anything, basically make a blog and begin composing whatever you like. One or 2 months not far off, you will discover your stream and begin getting group of people that associate with what you share.

That is the thing that I did when I began. I expounded on irregular things like tech, news, tips about sustenance and everything in the middle.

After some time, I found my crowd reacts when I offer blogging tips and affiliate guides, that is the manner by which everything started.

Why WordPress for your blog?

As all knows what WordPress means, it is the open-source CMS (Content Management System) with PHP and MYSQL.

Choosing a WordPress CMS for your blog is a wise choice from our end. There are number of CMS available in Internet. So choose it wisely what you need.

Now, here we can see about why to use WordPress for your blog.

  • • First thing it is an open – source platform.
  • • WordPress has n number of plugins
  • • No coding – Easy to handle for non – coders
  • • It is of Multilingual
  • • Easy integration with third-party tools
  • • It makes easier Optimization for search Engines
  • • Loading time of WordPress is so quick
  • • Blog Customization is So Simple

Installation of WordPress


Once you have purchased a domain name & hosting, next step is to install WordPress CMS on it.

Here will check the installation of wordpress with BlueHost. In this Post will concentrate only on WordPress as it is so user-friendly.

Some other CMS platforms are also available in Internet, you can check that too. As every hosting account will have default CMS as WordPress. So no worries!

Step : 1

Just Login your hosting account as prescribed Bluehost hosting –

Step 2:

Check out the title says Website and click on Install WordPress.

By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a mojo marketplace.

Step 3:

In the current page you will notice a button called ‘Install New Script”. Click on that for installation and be patient.

Step 4:

After that installation of scripts, it will asks your domain name to be entered. Fill out the box with your domain name.

Here you will see one more option called ‘directory’. There you should mention that which directory you are installing WordPress. This option can be left blank too, but if you left blank it will install default on your ‘Root’ .

For example : If you type WordPress in that place it will stored under directory of WordPress  as /WordPress .

After this verification click on “check Domain” button.

A message will display that “It looks files are already been in this location or you can ignore this message”. Ignore it and click on Continue.

Step 5:

Be Relax, until the WordPress is being installed. It may take a little time to install. Once the installation is done, it will ask  you to enter the WordPress Login Credentials.

Enter the details and remember what credentials you have been used.

It will ask you for :

Website URL

Admin URL



Once this step got over , you will get a confirmation mail to your registered Email ID .

Just wait for some time (upto 8- 12hrs) after installation, as it may take a while to display your WordPress site to get live.

Step 6:

That’s it. Your WordPress site has been live . Now you can install a new theme and customize your site.

Still you haven’t signed up for BlueHost – Signup Here

Selection of Right Theme for Your Blog


Now you have been in an important area of choosing a theme. It’s the time to beautify your site right away . Selection of theme shows your originality to the customers visiting your site.

There are many recommendations before you are selecting a right theme for your blog. You should be very careful on this part or else you might have been spending too much of your timing on this area. Act wisely by following these methods.

If you are a good designer, then there will be no much issues on designing your blog with new theme. If you are not well versed in coding and designing  also no issues . Because we are not going to develop a theme, we are just picking up a pre-built theme and gonna install with some easy steps.

You can select your blog theme as FREE or PREMIUM one. Selecting a free theme will not give you a good look and feel .It won’t be that much flexible for your customization. If you decided to go for free, only you can post your content and you can’t do much customization on it.

If you choose PREMIUM theme , it will be more flexible. If you are looking out  serious plan of making money , go for premium theme.

Before selection of any theme, check below conditions:

  • Your selected theme should be responsive
  • Fonts of theme should be flexible to read
  • Browser Compatibility should be checked
  • Check for Supported page builders available to beautify the theme
  • SEO of the theme should be verified – very important one
  • Check out ratings & reviews of the theme

Most premium themes provide one year of technical  support. There are number of premium themes and we recommend highly of :

Elegant Themes

Thrive Themes


Installing Necessary Plugins for your blog


First of all what do you meant by plugins? This is the pre-made functions for  wordpress theme. By using plugins one can design their blog/website very quickly. Don’t need of any risky head-ache codings to develop a blog. Simply install and activate your plugins for stunning beautiful page columns.

After the theme installation has been done , you should check out which plugins to be used. The theme will give you a suggestion list of what plugins  you needed for that particular theme. So install those first. Apart from that some common plugins to be used as follows:

Yoast SEO

This Is the plugin where most users are using it for SEO(search engine Optimization). You are thinking about what SEO means right! By analyzing and using this plugin you would have rank higher in search engine results. If you know to use it properly ,it is one of the best plugin for ranking. We will discuss it further detailedly .

Contact form 7

This is one of the essential plugin for your blog. By using this you can directly use contact form without spending time on coding it and take risk. According to your theme you can design it. You can include some of the required fields as it is mandatory too. One of the best ever needed plugin for wordpress


Woocoomerce plugin can be used when you need to sell any of your products in your blog. This plugin will help you out in e-commerce platform sales.

Eventually many plugins will help you out .Just go for your dashboard of wordpress.

–> Check for plugins in left hand side menu.

–> Click on Add New button

–> In the search box type the keyword you needed

It will give you the results .Select the one which you like, install it and activate.

So as of now you would have an idea about what is blogging? And how to do hosting and installation of wordpress.

By the next part of The ultimate guide of what is blogging-(part2) will be published very soon . So you will get the overall  idea of content marketing, Social Media marketing, etc..

Do you got stuck in any of the  above topics. Then don’t hesitate to ask us. We will always be in your part to help you out.

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